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About Us

Watrin & Traub GmbH International Trading is the result of the 2012 merger of Watrin Handels GmbH, founded in 1979, and Traub GmbH, which dates back to 2009. The company’s business roots lie in fruit trading for industrial processing, a line of business that is pursued to this day. In 1981, the portfolio was broadened to include trade in damaged goods and in special goods and remnants.

The company has continued to expand both lines of business worldwide ever since. Long-standing, close ties with suppliers and customers alike and more than thirty years of business experience serve as a sound basis for and a guarantee of the company’s continued business success.

You may also download our company flyer here. This flyer contains all of the most important information on Watrin & Traub.

Our business activities

We trade in all types of merchandise, focussing mainly on damaged goods in the fields of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products. We draw on a global network of suppliers, customers and reliable logistics partners.

A professional approach to our business processes such as inspections, prompt payment and fast shipment of goods is a matter of course in our line of work. We have many years of experience in and a good understanding of the ins and outs of the damaged goods business and set great store by discretion and attending to our obligations correctly.

Our Portfolio

We are interested in all types of merchandise that, for various reasons, can or may not be distributed by means of their original sales channels.

  • Goods damaged by fire
  • Goods damaged by water
  • Goods damaged by mixing merchandise
  • Temperature-damaged goods
  • Goods damaged in transit
  • Expired und obsolete goods
  • Bankruptcy goods
  • Goods from carrier’s lien
  • Auctioned goods
  • Goods from product changeovers
  • Goods from warehouse closures